About Us

Savage-Tech Provides the latest in biometric access control and work force management solutions. Advanced technology encompassing Facial, IRIS and Fingerprint identity recognition systems to address the problems facing many of today’s small businesses.
We offer high tech innovative products with the most advanced features on the market. Patented fake and live biometric detection with multiple modalities of authentication.

SMB, government, law enforcement and large corporate markets are quickly adapting the biometrics platform as a way to prevent fraud, provide hardened security for facilities and to protect their most valuable asset, their employees!
Many of our competitor’s access control solutions are outrageously expensive and are built on residual payment structures requiring thousands of dollars a year to update and maintain a proprietary software or system.
This is usually very expensive for the small to medium businesses having limited budgets, and may not have the in house technical staff to administer and keep the system up to date.

Savage-Tech provides cost effective solutions so that your business has the ultimate levels of protection with an affordable price point with minimum cost of maintenance.
We have focused on biometrics for the last 12 years and have real world experience in all levels of products from enterprise security used at Airports and Border Crossings, to low level access used in securing gun rooms and wine cellars.
We identify the best features and functions to apply in a wide range of environments and situations. We tailor our solutions for customers based on their requirements. We can design a system to meet the most mission critical hardened security environment, or risk levels where a small simple device can be used to allow limited access.

We partner with our clients and make sure they get the best value for their hard earned dollars, but we never compromise on quality or safety in delivering a solution. Feel comfortable knowing you are supported by a staff with decades of experience in the technology industry.
Our team is dedicated to you, and we know that we must earn your business every day or someone else will.