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New Products

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Savagetech is proud to launch our new LPR product line to address the security and parking needs of the residential and commercial markets. ParkIT® Camera is a fully digital number plate recognition IP camera, created for parking applications and operations. As a compact camera, ParkIT® Camera is comprised of a resistant single-sealed waterproof enclosure with an IP65 rating. The camera includes a synchronized infrared (IR) LED illumination unit providing clear and sharp images during day and night. Its technical features include pan tilt, wall-mounted brackets with hidden cabling, auto day & night switching, barrier control functions (trigger in/out) and many more. Access control (entry & exit) to restricted car park or vehicle storage areas, maximum stay car park management, pay-on-exit (POE) car park management, pay-on-foot (POF) car park management and security control or monitoring application areas can all benefit from the progressive capabilities of the ParkIT camera.

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