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Trustone Global has been carrying out all our business activities following our management philosophy of contributing to the improvement of the lives of people and progress in society, and has been providing a wide range of products in the security field related to our daily lives.

In order to fulfill this commitment, in January 2014, the Trustone Global announced its aim of becoming the No.1 security innovation company in the biometric access control and time & attendance industry. Our design and development and quality departments can directly communicate with customers, giving faster and accurate reaction time and better quality products. Trustone Global has developed a number of products including a variety of fingerprint sensors in order for companies in worldwide to comply with various types of project demand, and who always being our faithful customers due to our competitive prices, excellent quality, fast delivery and consistent services.

This total solutions we provide to our clients in the security business proved to be a fast, accurate and commercially usable biometric technology, combined with convenience, affordability, and improved security.

Trustone Global

Trustone Global Management philosophy & Vision
Our vision is
to be a global business organizer width the highest level
of corporate competitibeness”

Customer vision

To grow together with our customers as a business partner by bringing treater satisfacion, relliability and inspiration to out customers around the world.

Business vision

To build a sustainable business protfolio by enhancing out core competence in international trading activities, and through the development of future promising projects.

Staff vision

To encourage out staff members to fulfill their personal and professional goals by providing a stimulating work environment and superior reward programs.