The EMA-30/CFI is a combined Face and Iris integrated system, based on the EMA-30 embedded imager. The EMA-30/CFI  provides the speed and user convenience of face recognition with the accuracy and security of iris recognition.

In Partnership with NEC™

  • Speed and ease of use of facial recognition combined with the accuracy of iris
  • Automated two stage authentication
  • Intuitive subject positioning


Product Description

The EMA-30/CFI is the industry’s first fully integrated, dual modality system to combine the speed and ease of use of facial recognition with the accuracy of iris authentication.

Employing the award winning NeoFace™ face algorithm from NEC, the EMA-30/CFI operates by initially capturing high quality face images at a stand-off distance of about 70 to 100 cm, a highly comfortable range for all subjects. The face recognition algorithm threshold is set to be heavily biased against false accepts, thereby providing the highest level of security. For subjects not accepted by facial recognition, the system automatically switches to iris recognition for positive authentication.

The CFI package is a software extension of CMITech’s EMA-30 embedded iris recognition system that incorporates an embedded Linux on ARM architecture. Both configurations include essential PACS functionality , such as dual Wiegand ports, serial ports, an on-board data base of up to 10,000 subjects, and an elegant wall mounting system.

The EMA-30/CFI is intended for conventional physical access control, time & attendance, and similar applications.